GZSZ: mega comeback! Senta-Sofia returns as "Tanja " Back

Sental Sofia Delliponti played at GZSZ Tanja Seefeld before leaving the show 2013 to focus on her music career. Behind her return to GZSZ, however, promo could be stuck for a new album.

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Video by Justin Amaral

Great surprise for all GZSZ fans! Senta-Sofia Delliponti returns to the Daily Soap. She played the role of Tanja Seefeld from 2010 to 2013.
Since Tanja did not die the serient death, but went to Australia, there was always the option to return to 'good times, bad times '. And that makes them now as they are against RTL.DE confirmed.
"I will come back for a few weeks to GZSZ. I'm really looking forward to my friends, old colleagues, with whom work together again. And above all, I am looking forward to the figure 'Tanja Seefeld '
To bring back to life."
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