Hanging truss in the roof construction

The hanging structure is an old timber structure. But it is still used today to bridge large spans without disruptive supports. The suspension is not only used for the roof, but also in bridge construction.

Wooden structure for large spans

A suspended roof is distinguished by the fact that the ceiling that lies underneath is simply hung up. This means that there are no pillars or struts in the way of interior work. Instead, the ceiling hangs from hanging posts that divert the proportion of the ceiling load via the roof structure.

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Construct a simple hanging structure

A distinction is made between single and double hanging trusses. The simple hanging structure hangs the collar beam in the middle on a hanging post. Here struts transfer the loads from the ceilings into the supports of the beam.

Components of the simple hanging structure

  • Bundle beam / truss beam
  • two struts
  • Hanging post

Double hanging structure

A double hanging structure is used when the bundle beam is hung from two hanging posts instead of one, which are connected with a horizontal tension bar. The collar beam must take on both the transverse bracing and the bending stress.

For such constructions only specially tested beams or timbers made of a glued laminated connection are possible. Additional ceiling loads are diverted here via the hanging column.

Components of the double hanging structure

  • Bundle beam / truss beam
  • two struts
  • two hanging posts
  • Tension bolt

Bridge or roof structure

In order to be able to properly imagine a suspension system, one only needs to look at a bridge. The principle is the same for both bridge and roof construction. In both constructions, the material must be of absolutely high quality.

With the simple hanging structure, you only have to imagine the ceiling, which has a pillar in the middle, from which the two struts extend to the outer wall.

In the case of the double hanging structure, there are two evenly arranged pillars that are horizontally connected to the tension bar in the middle field and the struts on the outside also extend to the outer walls.

Tips & Tricks If you would like to have an attic built using this method, you should look for an old craft business that specializes in such extraordinary structures. A modern roofer will certainly try to build you a different shape of roof.