Hair thinning: That's how it works at home

It may happen to an initial paradox. But many women have the problem that their hair teas simply messed up every hairstyle. What helps, however: Hair thinning. With us you will learn how to do it very easily without a hairdresser.

Everyone wants a great wallet, one would mean. But that's not always the way, because some women make their thick hair really hard to create. Either the styling keeps the hair splendor did not stand or a beautiful hairstyle does not simply be implemented (with only two hands). In addition, very heavy hair can even cause head and neck pain. If that's the case with you, you should start something as soon as possible.
What can definitely remedy is that Hair thinning. Not only does it make hair easier to tame, it can also improve styling and overall appearance. We'll tell you how you can thin your hair yourself.
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Why thinning hair can be useful for you

Especially with heavy hair, thinning hair can work wonders. We give you four reasons to thin your hair:
1. Hairstyles for special occasions
Women with thick hair know the hairstyle problem. It is hardly possible for them to twist their beautiful curls because they just hang flat again in no time anyway. The worst thing is with updos, as they barely hold up even with a can of hairspray and countless clips and barrettes. Due to the thinning of the hair, hairstyle styling falls much easier.
2. Less effort in hair styling
Also the everyday hair styling is very elaborate with extremely thick hair. Mostly you can hardly manage it alone to tame your own hair. Or the hair hanging boring down and pulling the whole head down. If you are concerned, you know exactly what we talk about here - to regain control of the stubborn volume, the thinning of the hair can help extremely. The hair is simply looser after thinning. In addition, thick hair unfolds after the thinning a whole natural volume.
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3. More lightness in the hair cut
Especially with short hairstyles such as the pixie cut, thinned hair looks much more casual, because very thick hair quickly looks bristly and sometimes protrudes grotesquely from the head without styling. Some haircuts, such as particularly neatly cut bobs, have very hard contours and can quickly look like a wig with very thick hair.
Tip: A step cut also thins the hair evenly. In addition, the hair no longer looks so boring, but after a real "cut ".
4th. Well-balanced overall appearance
The overall appearance can appear much more coherent after thinning out the head of hair. Because many have a disproportionately large amount of hair. Thinned hair can look significantly better, especially on short women with very long hair, and bring the proportions into balance.

Instructions: This is how hair thinning works at home

We'll tell you how your hair can thin Easy yourself and thus can save you one or the other hairdressing visit. Everything you need for thinning your hair is an effective scissors (here at Amazon) *, also called thinning scissors and a fine crest.
Before you start, you should combine the hair once neatly, so that individual hair does not stick or knot together. So that you can see the effect directly, you should thin the hair in a dry state.
Why is an effging scissors the right tool for thinning?
In fact, it is important that you use a double-sided effects scissors. (There are also one-sided effective scissors, which are then called model scissors. With these scissors is only one side toothed. But with this kind of scissors, you cut much more hair away.) With normal scissors you cut off the hair completely and do not achieve the same thinning effect.
With a thinning scissors, only part of the hair is cut off and not a whole strand. This is because both blades of the thinning scissors are serrated like a comb and the scissors cut off only a third of the hair.

Thinning Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • First, divide your hair on the nape of your neck into two equal sections as if you were making two braids.
  • In the next step you take a strand with a thickness of approx. 3-4 cm and straighten them once with the comb.
  • Hold the strand by the tips and place the scissors in the middle of the strand. Then you cut into the strand at regular intervals and slide deeper and deeper until you have reached your fingers at the end. This causes individual hairs to loosen. Don't cut away too much, however, or it could look like hair breakage.
  • Then you take the next strand and repeat the process.

Danger: Never set the scissors too high, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect. Because at the very top, the shortened hair stands tousled. This will make your hairstyle even more restless.
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