Handle the hammer - you have to pay attention to that

Like all tools, hammers wear out over time. Sometimes it happens that the handle breaks after long use, or takes another damage. You don't necessarily have to throw a hammer away - you can also re-stalk it yourself. You can read how to do this in this post.

Handle quality

A suitable handle must be purchased for the handle of a hammer. Simple hammer handles are usually available for around 2 - 3 EUR, but high-quality qualities or handles for special hammers can also be significantly more expensive.

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The most important thing is the quality of the handle. Quality features of a good handle are:

  • Well-seasoned (alternatively: kiln-dried) wood
  • as low wood moisture as possible
  • Continuous, straight fibers (important for the breaking strength of the stem!)
  • stable and high-quality type of wood, preferably ash or hickory

A purchased ax handle should be overdried again before handling - either in a very dry (centrally heated) room with very low humidity or directly on the heater. Overdrying for a week reduces the wood moisture significantly again, which is beneficial for the handle.

A very dry wooden handle will swell up a little later in normal humidity and then sit all the more firmly in the hammer head. So over-drying always makes sense.

Fit the stem

Mostly the upper end of the stem must be adapted to the opening of the hammer. This is best used to file a file or rasp to bring the upper end in shape. The diameter of the stem must be slightly thicker than the opening so that the stem sits well later.

With a hammer, the over-dried handle can then be beaten into the opening. He should be driven up so far that he protrudes around 5 - 10 mm at the top of the hammer head. That gives him extra hold, since the upper end then thickened something.

Tips & Tricks An Old Hammerstiel can simply pick up. The remains in the opening hit them best with a chisel, alternatively they can drill the opening until the stalk remains from themselves.