Hitting a hammer - what is that?

First of all, hardly anyone can imagine anything under the term "hammering ". In fact, it is a sporting competition in which not only strength but above all dexterity and good coordination is required. In this article you can read how hammer blows are played, where they take place and which rules are generally applicable.


The sporty hammering is about hammering as many nails as possible straight into a piece of wood or a tree trunk in the shortest possible time.

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The nails must not be held in place, they are already inserted into the piece of wood in advance. The aim is to drive the nail straight into the wood with as strong a blow as possible without it bending. During the competition, the time required for a certain number of nails is measured.

Bent nails or nails that have not penetrated the wood are not counted. In the end, the winner is whoever has driven in the largest number of nails and required the least time to do so.


A nail must be hit very precisely and at a precisely defined speed in order to push it straight into the wood with one blow. If the blow is not executed exactly or with too much force, the nail will bend and will not be counted later. Only one hand may be used to hammer in, the nail may not be held with the other hand. However, some rules allow women to use both hands.

Game variants

In another variant, often played in the USA, no time is measured. Everyone can hammer in nails until a nail bends. Then he gives the nail to the next teammate. Winner is in this case, who has taken most nails after some laps of the game.

Tips & Tricks Hammerfunk is a game that is also good for wedding societies or a barbecue. The skill required is usually underestimated - usually can be recognized here, who has a fine feeling as a craftsman, and who is not.