Circular saw as a table saw - how is that?

In most private households, the hand circular saw is rather the device of choice. How to use them still as a table saw, and which different possibilities offer for this, you can read in this post.

Suitable saws for use

In principle, for reasons of occupational safety, one should always use professional saw tables for rebuilding the hand circular saw (€ 108.00 at Amazon *) into a table saw (159,00 € at Amazon *). The clamping devices are designed so that the occupational safety is not endangered, also there is a separate one / off switch on such tables.

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Cordless hand-held circular saws that cannot be connected directly to the table are by no means suitable for such a conversion. In this case, there is no way to switch off the circular saw at the table. The function of the brake of a table saw is no longer necessary. That is an unacceptable security risk!

Do-it-yourself construction of circular saw tables

Building a circular saw table yourself is not advisable because it lacks important safety devices:

  • an on / off function (switch) for the saw on the table and a limitation of the stopping time (brake) of the saw
  • a permanently mounted cover of the saw blade
  • a fixed riving knife

These components are essential for the safe operation of a table saw.

Professional circular saw tables

The acquisition of a professional circular saw table, in which the circular saw can be firmly clamped and connected, can be worthwhile for several reasons:

  • Working over long periods of time at a table can be much more pleasant than working with the hand-held circular saw
  • In most cases there are guide rails and rails for angle and miter cuts
  • The tables often also offer a stable work surface for other sawing work, for example with a jigsaw

The acquisition costs vary depending on the manufacturer and design. Simple machine tables without accessories are usually available for less than 100 EUR, but it is advisable to purchase a professional saw table. For this you usually have to calculate at least EUR 200-250.

Tips & Tricks Please also remember that you may want to make angle cuts and miter cuts and definitely want to use a rip fence for a lot of work. If you initially have to spend a little more money on a professional table, it often pays off several times later.