Circular saw: change the saw blade - this is how it works

Saw blades are not made to last and therefore sometimes have to be replaced. In this article, you can read how to do this correctly with the circular saw, what to look out for, and what differences there are between individual saws.

Differences between individual models

Both the screws and the attachment of the saw blade can be very different for different models. Which wrenches or Allen keys are required therefore always depends on the respective model.

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If you are not sure when replacing, you should definitely read in the instruction manual. There is usually always a very accurate guide to changing the saw blades.

If you do not have the user manual anymore, you can also:

  • Google the appropriate instructions for your device
  • Reorder the user manual from the manufacturer
  • to change the saw blade in retailers and let themselves show how it works

False or loose fortified saw blades are a very large security risk. Do not risk here to make a mistake and then possibly suffer a serious accident when switching on or using the saw!

Basic steps when changing a saw blade

Fix saw blade

So that the saw blade does not indicate when loosening the screw, it must be fixed. You can do this very easily by holding it with pliers or fixing it with a screw clamp (then you have both hands free).

But it is better to wedge the saw blade with a piece of wood that is clamped between the saw blade and the base plate. This is how it is done in most cases.

Left-hand thread

Make sure that the central nut on many saws has a left-hand thread. So you have to screw it up and down the wrong way round. As a reminder, you can memorize: “The way I run, I open up!"

Screws on the base plate

With some saws, you can simply swivel the base plate to the side by loosening the front screws.

Safety measures

In any case, disconnect the saw from the mains (or. Remove the batteries) before you start changing the saw blade. If you are not sure how to do it, refer to the instruction manual or do some research first.

Remember: Any screws that you loosen must be retightened afterwards!

Tips & Tricks When handling sharp but also less sharp saw blades, you should absolutely wear cut-resistant gloves and work very carefully so that you do not injure yourself.