Installing the hand circular saw in the table - is that?

Circular saws can be found in significantly more home improvement households as table circular saws. In some cases, a table saw but still more advantageous - or at least the work more comfortable. Whether you can simply install a circular saw in a table, and what you should think about, read here.

Problems with installation

A hand circular saw (108,00 € at Amazon *) easy to attach to a table in which you have cut a sawn, brings several problems with themselves:

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  • The hand circular saw can hardly be securely fastened and free
  • The safety when working is not given
  • The hand circular saw can not be served safely from the position before the table

Security concerns

Basically important for the safe work with the table saw (159,00 € at Amazon *) are the following things:

  • A good and easily accessible on / off switch
  • A firmly mounted splinter protection
  • A permanently mounted cover for the saw blade
  • a trail limit for the saw blade when it is turned off

All these things can not be ensured when installing into a simple, self-made table or a machine table. The required occupational safety would not be given in any case, by working on such a self-made table one would be roughly endangered. Such a self-construction is by no means advisable.

There are still problems to ensure a parallel stop sufficiently firm and accurately install a transverse stop and ensure a correct position of the saw blade and compliance with the required angle.

Solution: Finished sawtables

Without cost, there is no professional - and above all safe - solution. Saw tables for the conversion are available from different manufacturers, often even adapted to the respective hand circular saw.

In these tables, a "true " conversion of the hand circular saw is given to a table saw, also the cut accuracy and the presence of different stops are guaranteed. For such tables, you have to expect for such tables from around 200 - 250 EUR - this is still significantly cheaper than the purchase of a high quality table saw.

Tips & tricks are also superior from the outset, whether you prefer to buy a classic hand circular saw or rather a diving saw. For many home improvement tasks, the immersion saw is certainly the better alternative that brings far more clean cuts.