Circular saw or table saw?

The question for do-it-yourselfers arises again and again as to whether it is worth buying a table saw at all - or whether you can also get by with a circular saw. This post will tell you what things to consider when making this decision.

Advantages of the circular saw

The circular saw (€ 108.00 at Amazon *) is relatively flexible in its use. It is also suitable for relatively clean cuts, as well as for reasonable miter cuts in furniture construction. If necessary, you can also use it as a table saw.

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At the same time, however, it is very mobile and can therefore also be used where it would not be possible to work with a table saw (€ 159.00 at Amazon *). Precise and exact cuts are possible with a guide rail as with a table saw or a chop saw.

The hand-held circular saw is definitely sufficient for small and medium-sized workpieces (panels) - it is better to work with a table saw only very large workpieces. Large panels can already be cut to size at the hardware store for a small surcharge (or often even free of charge).

Price advantage

You can even get professional hand-held circular saws for around 200 - 400 EUR. Good do-it-yourself devices of sufficient quality for use in the home are usually 100 - 250 EUR.

If you compare that with the prices for a high-quality table saw (cheap devices cause more problems than they actually solve), a hand-held circular saw is significantly cheaper. For the few jobs that actually require a table saw, the price difference is hardly worth it in most cases.

Table saw for firewood

If you often have to chop firewood because you saw your firewood yourself, you may still use a table saw. Tilting saws often offer the better and more mobile alternative here - they are priced in the same range, but are significantly less sensitive than table saws. The chainsaw is still a possible alternative for such work, even if only for smaller quantities.

Tips & Tricks Get yourself a good circular saw with sufficient power as well as a guide rail and possibly an additional machine table to clamp the saw. This gives you the best of both worlds at a significantly lower price.