Front door made of aluminum or plastic?

Anyone building or renovating their own house will sooner or later come to the subject of "front door ". Either this has to be renovated or completely replaced or. be bought new when building a house. The question then quickly arises as to whether it is better to have an aluminum or plastic front door. In the following article we will compare both materials for you.

What matters when it comes to a front door

Just like windows and other components of your house, you also need to maintain front doors and renovate them if necessary, for example by painting your front door. But there are also numerous reasons why a front door should be renewed:

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  • Soundproofing
  • Thermal insulation
  • Burglary and break-in security
  • possibly a door with certain features (electrical, with peephole, glazing, etc.).)

The typical materials for house doors

In addition, there is the choice of a new door when building a house. The question arises again and again as to what material the new front door should be made of. Basically, different materials can be used for this:

  • Wood
  • plastic
  • Metal, light metal (aluminum)
  • Combination of the materials mentioned

House doors made of plastic versus aluminum

The front door made of wood is rather rare, as the maintenance effort is relatively high. After all, the front door is exposed to all the adverse weather conditions. That is why house doors made of plastic or aluminum are primarily selected. But which of the two materials is better or worse?

Prejudices about these materials

The answer to that is not that simple. People who are skeptical about aluminum house doors often use the argument that the aluminum door tends to build up condensation on the inside during the cold season. However, this cannot stand still. Of course, metal conducts temperatures much better than plastic.

But modern aluminum doors are also equipped with excellent insulation. It is more a question of the "inner values" of the aluminum door. On the other hand, proponents of aluminum front doors praise the supposedly high level of security against break-ins. Basically, of course, metal is considerably more resistant than plastic.

In terms of insulation and security, quality is important

However, the structural design of the door is again decisive here. An inferior house door made of aluminum is broken into more quickly than a high-quality plastic door with the appropriate level of security. Arguments such as thermal or sound insulation and security cannot be used to highlight plastic or aluminum as a better material.

There are differences in costs for this

It is always the workmanship of a house door that is decisive for these characteristics. However, there is a difference in the cost of two comparable doors made of aluminum and plastic. The aluminum door with the same high-quality properties as a comparable plastic door will be significantly more expensive to buy. But there is also a second aspect that distinguishes the quality of the two materials.

In addition, the longevity differs significantly

Even if plastic production is very advanced today, plastic has a clear disadvantage compared to aluminum doors in the long term. The weather conditions such as changing heat, cold, UV radiation from the sun, moisture, etc. have a considerable influence on the material properties of plastic. In a real long-term comparison, the aluminum door will do considerably better here.

In the long term, aluminum is the best choice, and plastic is economical

This ultimately also equalizes the higher price for an aluminum door, as it can be used for longer. With proper maintenance (e.g. regular painting), the aluminum door will last almost indefinitely, while the plastic door will show the first signs of wear after 10 to 20 years, depending on the plastic quality, which at a certain point can no longer be repaired or refurbished.

Your personal requirements are decisive

If you want to buy a front door literally for life, aluminum is definitely the first choice. However, if you want to keep up with the times every few decades, or you may even know that you want to sell your house at some point, it is of course better to use a cheaper plastic front door.

Tips & Tricks If you want to replace your old front door yourself, you will find suitable advice and instructions in the house journal. For example, hang or shorten the front door.