Heidi Klum: Is she actually pregnant again??

The rumors of an alleged pregnancy continue. Now Heidi Klum shows herself turtling and cuddling with partner Martin Kirsten - the two have a sweet secret?

Heidi Klum just celebrated her legendary Halloween party in New York and appeared there disguised as an old woman. Allegedly, she wanted to make it clear once and for all that at 40 years of age she by no means feels old! So not too old for another child either?

Rumors have been circulating for days that Heidi Klum could be pregnant again. The speculation arose when the model suffered a faint attack while visiting Asia last week and had to be hospitalized. She also recently attended Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles with friend Martin - the hospital where she gave birth to her last two children!

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In the past few weeks, the 40-year-old has shown herself almost exclusively in loose clothing that conceals the view of her stomach. And the signs are becoming even clearer, if one believes the statements of a US reporter: Allegedly, Heidi Klum has completely changed her diet in the last few weeks. In addition, she is said to have toasted only with water instead of champagne at an event the evening before her Halloween celebration. Pretty clear signals, or not?

It is no secret that Heidi feels comfortable in a large family. The top model already has four children: Leni (9), Henry (8), Johan (6) and Lou (3). The father of the three youngest children is their ex-husband Seal. Heidi's eldest daughter Leni was born after Heidi's short-term liaison with Formula 1 manager Flavio Briatore. Seal adopted the baby after she was born.

Heidi Klum is now in a relationship with her bodyguard Martin Kirsten (41). Again and again the couple shows themselves cuddling and cuddling in public. Martin is also very close to the children, takes care of them when Mama Heidi is out, goes to the playground and does sports with them. Maybe it is time for a baby together? As happy as the couple was in Los Angeles last weekend, it could very well be possible that the two lovebirds are keeping a sweet secret...