Heidi Klum pissed off? So she settled with Thomas Gottschalk

There is thick air between Heidi Klum and Thomas Gottschalk. How angry Heidi is really with the TV presenter, he revealed quite openly on Saturday during a TV show.

The relationship between Heidi Klum and Thomas Gottschalk was a very special one. In 1992 the TV presenter discovered Heidi in his show "Model 92" and thus gave the starting signal for her world career. But now the mood between the two is icy - so much so that the model mom Gottschalk did not invite her to her wedding.

Thomas Gottschalk: "She's offended!"

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On the TV show "Because they don't know what's happening " on RTL, Thomas Gottschalk fought a duel with Günther Jauch on Saturday evening. In the final round of the game, the two had to answer quiz questions while they were hanging on a cube wall. Presenter Barbara Schöneberger was able to elicit a secret from Gottschalk that caused a surprise.
First of all, Schöneberger wanted to know where Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz got married. "On Capri," was Gottschalk's answer. The moderator used this opportunity for a private follow-up question: "Were you invited too?"?"Many did not expect his answer: " Nope! She's offended, "said the 69-year-old. "At this final I said something about a children's birthday party..."he added as an explanation.
This video of Heidi and Tom in bed causes horror:

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Video by Esther Pistorius

Gottschalk blasphemed nasty about the "GNTM " final

The "final " that Thomas Gottschalk spoke of is the final of the 14th. Season of Heidi Klum's casting show "Germany 's next top model ". This year Gottschalk was not only seen as a guest judge, but also sat on the jury couch with Heidi at the grand finale in May. But he obviously didn't like it that much.
Already during the show he blasphemed: "That's all children's carnival here."In an interview with " bild.de "Gottschalk went even further with his blasphemy attack: " That was a colorful number for girls who dream of becoming models and who are happy about half-naked guys with six-packs."

For Heidi this was reason enough to remove Thomas Gottschalk from her guest list for her wedding. Whether the relationship between the two will recover? We wish you so.
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