Radiators in front of the window front - important facts

Even the best insulating glass windows always give off a little cold. Since this is uncomfortable for the residents, the opposite effect can be achieved by installing a radiator in front of the window front. Here we show you what to look out for with radiators in front of the window and which windows are necessary.

Uniform room climate

With a correctly calculated distribution of the radiators in the room, in which convection and radiation have been mixed well, you will have the same temperature everywhere in the room. Above all, there will be no drafts. In addition, attention should of course also be paid to an arrangement that does not waste any energy.

Height and distance to the window

The function of a radiator is severely impaired if the air cannot circulate freely. Therefore, the distance to the window and the wall must also be calculated precisely. The distance is particularly important with floor-to-ceiling windows. If the window does not yet meet the latest standards of the energy saving regulations, the heat would otherwise be heated directly out of the window.

  • Height in front of the window
  • Windowsill on the radiator
  • Floor duct heating
  • Distance to the window
  • Curtains not directly on the radiator

Design objects or radiators

With a large window front, an ugly radiator can completely ruin the look. The heating engineers have long recognized this. It is therefore no longer necessary today to place a normal ribbed radiator in front of the beautiful window.

There are numerous variants of particularly beautiful models. Today, depending on the furnishings, it can even be a colored radiator that blends in better with its surroundings.

Floor duct heating

If floor-to-ceiling windows on a window front are not to be obstructed by a radiator, floor duct heating is the solution. Depending on the size of the room, you can also combine the floor duct heating with a radiator that is installed in a cool corner of the room.

Tips & Tricks Pay attention to the distance between the window sill and the radiator. If the windowsill is to be attached to the radiator, a minimum distance of 20 centimeters must be maintained. Otherwise, the heat from the radiator would immediately be thrown back from the window sill onto the radiator. After all, that is not the point.