Give me the crack buttocks! The best nutrition tips for a J butt.Lo

Firm butts like J's.Lo are totally trendy. But how do you get such a magnificent specimen?

Don't be sad if you're not naturally gifted with a crisp buttock. With a little work you can do it easily! For a Po à la J.Lo or Kim Kardashian, you have to work on three things: your buttocks muscles with appropriate exercises, your stamina to burn as much fat as possible and your diet to build muscles as quickly as possible.

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The best foods to build muscle

There is no special diet for a firm bottom. You neither have to forego carbohydrates nor eat low-calories. But: In order to quickly convert fat into muscle, you should pay attention to a few things.

Eat balanced and fresh as possible. Swap white flour products for the whole grain variety and try to eat a portion of protein with every meal.

Protein-rich foods at a glance:

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For example, start the day with a natural yogurt with muesli and fruit or with a slice of wholemeal bread and cheese. At lunchtime there is wholemeal noodles with lentil bolognese or brown rice with vegetables and chicken and in the evening a salad with mozzarella or chicken strips. A yogurt with fruit or a handful of nuts tastes good as a snack.

By the way: An adult needs 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Nothing will change if you exercise regularly. So you don't have to eat extremely high-protein or drink protein shakes. It is enough if you make sure to eat a small portion several times a day - preferably protein from plant and animal foods.

Recipe ideas with a large portion of protein:
Fish with Asian vegetables
Cod on pumpkin
Chicken curry with lentils & tomatoes
Stuffed chicken breast with zucchini strips
Salmon omelette

3 or 5 meals?

Decide for yourself whether you prefer to eat three or five meals. It is only important that you eat regularly so that your body is always supplied with new energy and does not have to go hungry. Because when hungry, he draws on the protein reserves of the muscles.

Nutrition tips before and after training

Before training, a big protein shake, then a thick steak: It doesn't have to be if you want to fulfill your dream of cracking your bottom. But of course you shouldn't eat a chocolate bar or a sweet particle beforehand.

It's best to have a bite to eat an hour or two before training so that you have enough energy. A slice of whole grain bread with cheese or a banana and a few nuts are ideal. After training, you should first take a break from eating in order to make the most of the fat-burning effect. An hour or two later, you can have a light, protein-rich meal, such as natural yoghurt or cottage cheese with fruit.