Here you dispose of an old freezer properly

Large household appliances like a freezer have a long lifespan. If the old device ceases to function after a number of years, it is good to know how and where you can dispose of it properly and easily.

Exchange through dealers

Disposal is easiest if the dealer takes the old device with him when the new device is delivered. Many suppliers offer this service. As a customer, you don't have to worry about anything. The sometimes heavy old device is carried out of the house and transported to the collection point. The new device is set up at the right location and, depending on the agreement, also connected and put into operation immediately.

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Information on device disposal

  • When buying a new one, many dealers dispose of the old device
  • a freezer is hazardous waste
  • Proper disposal is required by law
  • regional collection points and recycling centers regulate the disposal

Old equipment that is harmful to the environment

Old cooling devices work with environmentally harmful hydrofluorocarbons, or CFCs for short. This substance is known for its destructive effects on the ozone layer. Devices that contain CFCs may therefore only be disposed of in a special airtight facility.

Give away intact cooling devices

You will find a new owner for a functioning freezer that has just become too big, too small or too out of date for you. You can offer the freezer via a free classified ad in advertising leaflets or on the Internet. In many supermarkets you can post a notice on a pin board. The continued use of a device saves resources for the environment. And maybe you can use it to help a person in need.

Deliver yourself

If you want to dispose of the old freezer yourself, you have to adhere to the legal requirements. Discarded refrigerators are classified as hazardous waste. You can drive the device to a collection point yourself. You can find the address of the nearest office on the Internet. City administrations can also provide information. As part of the bulky waste collection, there are separate vehicles for the refrigerators. Freezers do not fall under the general bulky waste.

Tips & Tricks Make sure you dispose of your old freezer properly. Mobile scrap dealers or bulky waste collectors taking the device, dispose of it hardly after environmental protection rules. Here, usually only metal parts and cables are slaughtered and uncontrolled pollutants released into the environment.