Change planing knife on the electric planer

While changing the blade was self-explanatory in old manual wood planes, the basic principle of knife suspension, storage and fixing method must be known with electric planes. Almost all current electric planes have two knives, which are mounted in a roller opposite in respective knife blocks.

Two blades mounted in rollers

Hand planes with a wooden or aluminum body come in many designs, but the planer knife is clamped in a more or less similar inclined position. The planer knives are held by a wedged block or screwed holding profiles. The good visibility of the structure of a hand plane means that almost every model can be easily changed or removed in order to sharpen it.

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The structure of an electric planer consists of a roller in which two planer knives are mounted opposite each other at the same distance. They stand with their blades in the desired overhang in the running and thus planing direction of the roller. The planer knife bearings are inserted transversely into suitable cavities in the roller and fixed with one or two fastening screws.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, the rollers can be moved by hand into the right position for dismantling. The exact procedure should be explored with the help of the operating instructions. The fastening screws can usually be loosened with an open-end wrench inserted into the roller from above. The cutter block can then be pushed out laterally from the roller body.

Move the knife block and blade sideways

The knife block or the storage unit contains a clamping profile in which the blade is inserted. The planer knife can be pushed out sideways. It is best to use a small auxiliary wood for this. Most manufacturers usually use reversible blades or reversible knives. After the first blunting, they can simply be pulled out and pushed back in in the opposite direction.

It is important to have the correct approach direction of the cutting edges, which must remain the same so that the planer knife executes the set cutting height of the entire device. A faulty installation of a new or upturned planing knife is usually not possible, as the profile shape only fits in the correct direction of insertion.

Tips & Tricks When you buy an electric planer, get several matching planer knives to replace them at the same time. After many years of usually using an electric planer, it is sometimes difficult to get replacement knives.