Have the planer knife sharpened by post

Those who do not want to do the work or who value a professional sharpening result can have their planer knives sharpened. Since the scissors grinder driving around and ringing the doorbell has become rare, the post is usually recommended today. Many grinding workshops offer their services online.

Avoid door-to-door sales

Anyone who wants to have their planer knives sharpened should always entrust them to a specialist or specialist company they are specifically looking for. Unfortunately, the old tradition of the wandering scissors grinder now appears almost exclusively with fraudulent intent.

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Since the grinding and sharpening of the planer knives is located in low, mostly single-digit price ranges, special "special offers" are not required. Every professional grinding company also offers volume discounts if the order consists of several knives and blades, even of different types.

Single-digit grinding prices

Planing knives have the advantage of being relatively small. The dispatch to the grinding supplier is therefore easy to manage. The planer knives should be wrapped in old dry cloth. A sturdy, flat packet can be created with an adhesive tape. The planing knives can be sent safely and easily by post in a padded standard mailer in A5 format.

Most of the nationally active grinding providers have a permanent shipping provider who returns the ground and sharpened planer knives. In addition to the wages for grinding, a shipping fee is charged. With most providers, both prices are in the price range between five and eight euros.

Advise steel type

With regard to grinding and sharpening, the companies have sufficient manual experience to select the right cut. Ideally, the type of steel is queried before the order is placed in order to find out any higher costs. Planing knives can consist of the following types of steel:

  • Chromium alloyed with vanadium, tungsten or other metals
  • Chrome steel
  • High speed steel
  • hard metal
  • Stellite
  • High-performance steels, often with particularly high alloys

Conventional time to complete

In the online grinding business, the daily order processing is common. Normally one working day plus the two postal routes must be calculated as the length of stay. In order to use the shipping costs more economically, it is advisable to send several objects to be sanded together. Conventional cutlery knives, for example, are sharpened for an average of around 2.20 euros per piece.

Tips & Tricks If you keep the packaging material after you have sent back your sharpened planer knives, you will have the ideal packaging ready to hand for the next shipment.