Wooden floor - prices and costs

A wooden floor is available in very different qualities and price ranges. You have to distinguish whether you want solid floorboards, a laminate coated with wood veneer or a classy parquet. In addition, there are countless levels and quality features in each of these groups. You can find out what these are and what costs you have to expect for your dream wooden floor.

Wood or real wood?

In the case of laminate in particular, a wooden floor is often offered that is actually not one. Some of these products start at prices from five euros per square meter. This laminate has about as much to do with a wooden floor as a tin can. But these floors are often robust and suitable for a short interim solution that should only last a few years. We have sorted the laminate here once according to quality.

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  • lower quality - not real wood - very thin panels - from 5 EUR per square meter
  • medium quality - mostly not real wood - robust, durable panels - from 15 EUR per square meter
  • high quality - often real wood - can be sanded several times - from 35 EUR per square meter

Parquet - sticks for sticks

Parquet is usually provided with at least one real wood veneer. A parquet should be made of solid wood. However, you have to look carefully, because there is also laminate that simply has a printed decor that looks almost exactly like parquet.

  • Oak parquet - lower price range around EUR 50 per square meter
  • Oak parquet flooring - medium price range around EUR 75 per square meter

Plank flooring - it depends on the strength

When comparing the prices of a solid plank floor, be sure to compare the thickness of the planks. If the floor is laid on a substructure, the wood must transfer and should not sag after a while. This requires a thickness of at least 20 millimeters.

However, if the wooden floor is to be glued over the entire surface, such thick wood is not necessary, because the individual boards have no load-bearing function.

  • Unprocessed spruce untreated - 21 millimeters thick / length 246 / width 13.6 centimeters - EUR 14 per square meter
  • Siberian larch, untreated, sanded - 20 millimeters thick / length 198 / width 14.4 centimeters - EUR 24 per square meter
  • Solid oak flooring, oiled - 16 millimeters thick / length 120 / width 12 centimeters - EUR 14 per square meter
  • Solid oak white oiled plank - 20 millimeters thick / length 200 / width 17 centimeters - EUR 40 per square meter

Laying types

When comparing prices, check briefly whether the selected wood can even be laid in the way you want it. It is generally noted on the packages which types of installation are possible with a product.

  • floating installation with impact sound underlay - clicked
  • floating installation with impact sound underlay - glued
  • full surface bonding
  • screwed onto the substructure
Tips & Tricks The package size must always be included in the calculation. Many providers only deliver complete packages of, for example, 1.4 or 1.7 square meters. So you have to match the required amount with these packages. However, you should still allow for sufficient waste.