Laying wooden floors - costs and prices

The exact cost of installing a wooden floor depends primarily on who is doing the work. If a carpenter is to take over the laying, the costs are of course completely different. But the second point is also crucial, because the type of wood and material can vary greatly in price. Here are the costs for the various wooden floors.

Installation costs

Experienced do-it-yourselfers who lay the wooden floor themselves are of course one step ahead in this regard and can therefore buy some higher quality wood. If a craftsman is to lay the wooden floor, the price depends on whether the floor is laid floating or whether laminate or parquet may be glued to the floor over the entire surface. If a substructure is to be built under a plank floor, additional costs will apply.

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The hourly wages for carpenters are between 15 and 30 euros. The strong deviations mostly do not depend on the experience of the carpenter, but only depend on the region in which you are looking for a carpenter. In large cities like Frankfurt or Munich, you have to expect significantly higher costs for craftsmen.

Increased level of difficulty

While laminate or wooden planks are usually quick and easy to install, the special patterns when laying parquet can make even an experienced craftsman work up a sweat. The effort, i.e. the hours that the carpenter then needs, will be reflected on your bill.

Wooden floorboards - prices

The graduation of prices starts with pine and works its way through oak to cherry wood. Further price differences arise in the quality and pretreatment of the wooden plank.

  • Pine floorboards square meters from around 15 EUR
  • Spruce planks from around 15 EUR per square meter
  • Oak planks square meters from around 30 EUR
  • Maple planks square meters from around 55 EUR
  • Cherry wood planks square meters from around 75 EUR

Laminate flooring prices

With laminate flooring, the pricing often no longer depends on the type of wood. But how much a laminate floor costs is still a question of quality.

  • Beech laminate flooring - very simple - from around 5 EUR per square meter
  • Laminate flooring - medium - from around 10 EUR per square meter
  • Laminate flooring - high quality - from around EUR 30 per square meter

Parquet - prices

The prices of parquet are usually higher than those of floorboards and laminate. Depending on which type of wood is to be laid, the prices are often between 30 and 100 euros. Whereby you can look for the hook with a particularly cheap parquet of 30 euros. It could be second choice or B-goods.

Tips & Tricks In addition to parquet floors, you can actually lay all floors yourself, even as a beginner. This saves you a lot of money and gives you a lot of experience. Laying laminate or floorboards in a floating manner is not particularly difficult and even a substructure can be installed relatively easily as a do-it-yourselfer.