Wooden façade at the house - optics and variations

Wooden facades are therefore very varied. From slightly playful about classic to the sober simple wooden façade is really for every taste the right look. If you then take the color variety of wood facades as a variation, the selection is almost infinite. In the right care, a wooden façade can also keep as long as another façade style.


When asked for the type of wood, the question is usually the question of the color. If the wood is to receive a natural silvery patina, only certain types of wood will be in question. Generally, Douglasie and Lärche are a bit more consistent if you want to grow a wooden facade. Cheaper is of course pine or spruce, both require a lot of care.

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Color or natural patina?

You should not only depend on this question from your personal taste, because in rainy areas, the patina will be very different and unevenly. In addition, the best more resistant wood of the weathering on shady wet sites can not withstand a particularly long. A high-quality color layer can work wonders during wood protection and thus secure your investment for many years.

Vertical or horizontal?

Whether the individual boards of the wooden façade are to be mounted horizontally or vertically depends on the part of the wooden type. For pine and spruce, a horizontal attachment would not be recommended because it could remain light water on the boards. In addition, however, the type of attachment should be made dependent on the form of the façade.

Low restricted bungalows or old farmhouses would be even lower when the wood façade would be mounted horizontally. These houses are stretched significantly by a vertical cladding and maybe even get better proportions than they had before.

Tips & tricks older stone houses whose masonry is not suitable for attaching a pre-wall insulation can be very proved by a new wooden facade. In the lowering of the wood façade, the insulation is introduced with and the whole house gets a completely new look, which is usually much more beautiful than a somewhat shabby stone facade. In addition, the room climate with a wooden façade is guaranteed better than with the new insulation systems where the house can no longer breathe.