Wooden façade or plastering a façade?

Not only when building the house also with a great renovation, many homeowners wonder which facade is the ideal choice for your building. There are unfortunately no lump sums between the different variants. The advantages of one facade may be a crass at another building. Here is the overview of the possibilities.

Wood façade in the advantage?

The wood façade can run the plastered facade in many ways the rank. If a high-quality wood is used, the wood façade can hold at least as long as a cleaning façade. The goodness of the wood depends on a sufficient drying of the boards and their further treatment.

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Wood façade

  • Wood drying
  • Type and kindness of the wood
  • Wood protection regularly
  • Noble and natural look
  • Higher value of the property

Facade delete and wood protection

A plastered facade must always be renovated and canceled after some time. However, many types of wood that are suitable for a house facade must also be revised after a few years. Only cedar or larch need no special care for decades. They simply accept a certain patina and are more beautiful with their silvery splendor over the years, if they are not treated.


With regard to the coloring, a wooden façade and a plastered facade do not do much. While the natural wood looks different almost every year, because it changed visually something. However, the facades can be freely freely freely designed in both cases. Only a sticking façade is bound to a color.

Insulation in the facade

In a wooden façade, much insulation can be accommodated without it being obvious. If a strong insulation is introduced during a cleaning façade, this heating system is usually quite obvious. In addition, you can no longer influence the type of additional thermal insulation with a cleaning façade. With a wooden façade, however, you almost have the free choice.

Tips & Tricks If you can not decide, it may be necessary to make a study to recognize the exact look. You should be absolutely sure that the wooden façade really fits your building. Likewise, it is of course reversed, because many houses simply do not affect a plastered facade.