Wooden façade - which wood is ideal?

Whether solid wood or elements made of squeezed wood products, the design of façades with wood is becoming increasingly popular. But some types of wood are not suitable for a wooden facade in our widths. However, some types of wood can also be upgraded accordingly with thermal or impregnating treatment. Which types of wood are suitable for the façade is here.

Native species - at home

In general, the domestic varieties of wood are more suitable for use on the facade in our regions. Especially the softwood types grayed in this country are often cheap and durable ways to disguise the wooden facade.

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  • Spruce
  • jaw
  • larch
  • Douglas
  • fir

Special features of the coniferous

Lächche and Douglasie are partly suitable without any timber protection as facade cladding. Both types of wood form a slightly silvery patina, which at the same time protects the wood and optical makes a very special impression. Sweet and fir, however, a regular support through a comprehensive wood protection. Even the jaw will not keep your façade without wood protection or lasur. At the latest after a few years, the pine wood must be renovated.

Deciduous trees

Clearly more durable than spruce or pine is the robinia or, of course, the oak. You should also work with wood protection for both woods, as they can not be used outdoors without impregnation. In addition, you should remember that some types of wood, especially the oak, can lead to discoloration on adjacent materials.

Regular wood protection

If a wood species is not already used, which does not require protection, a wood protection should be done regularly. But it is also important not to delete any color on the wood, but special impregnations. This should provide a long-lasting protection. Look at products like the real Swedish red. These are proven and tested, which is concerned with extremely long protection.

Tips & Tricks In addition to the selection of wood species, the quality is crucial. Above all, the residual moisture in the wood should not be too high. The wood would dry heavily on dry days and shrink. At the same time, the wood can forgive or throw a too high residual moisture.