Maintain wood tiles - extend service life

Wooden tiles are becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the fact that they can be laid very easily. In addition, they can easily be removed again and relocated elsewhere. The care of the wooden tiles is also not time-consuming, because here, too, less is more. How you can increase the lifespan of your wooden tiles with the right care is right here.

Maintain wooden tiles step by step

  • Wood oil
  • Washing-up liquid
  • sponge
  • Brush roughly
  • Brush soft
  • Cotton rag
  • bucket
  • Afford
  • Sandpaper
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1. Clean

You can clean the wooden tiles with a little lukewarm water and washing-up liquid. This works best if you lather the detergent a little and dab it on with a sponge. After a short exposure time, simply brush off the dirt. Then all you have to do is rinse with a little clear water. Then place the tiles upright on two strips so that the wood can dry well. You can also insert a small piece of wooden or plastic strip between the individual wooden tiles in a row.

2. Sanding

You can usually see for yourself how much the wooden tile has been used. If it is still completely intact after drying, you do not need to sand it at all. Usually it is sufficient to sand lightly over the wood a few times with a 100 grit. Only rarely does it happen that you have to completely sand down a wooden tile. Then start with sandpaper that is 60 grit.

3. Oil

Apply the wood oil with a very soft brush, not forgetting the edges and sides. If your wooden tiles are going to be used heavily, you should even dab a little oil on the underside between the plastic grille. You can do this with an old brush, because the brush is easily damaged by the rough stippling.

Tips & Tricks The best care for a wooden tile is of course to avoid damaging it. If, for example, the tiles are stored dry and airy in the basement in winter, an extreme increase in service life is achieved. You should also use the strips in the basement to store the wooden tiles. Before you put the wooden tiles outside again in spring, however, you should carry out our maintenance program shown above.