Clean wood tiles

Wood tiles for the outdoor area are particularly practical and durable, but under the wood is usually a plastic grid, which ensures that the wooden tiles are not directly in humidity. In addition, the tiles of wood and plastic can be picked up so well to clean and maintain them. How exactly what is done is in our guide.

Step by step Clean wood tiles

  • Wooden cleaner
  • Bother
  • Wood oil
  • Brush rough
  • Scrubber
  • bucket
  • brush
  • Lacquer
  • Cotton towels
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1. To wash

If you don't want to pick up the wood tiles from the floor, you can dilute a good wood cleaner with water and use the scrubber to clean the tiles. However, it is better to absorb the wood tiles, as the moisture then does not hang on the wood as long. In addition, when cleaning with a coarse brush, you can see dirt and remnants of moss much better.

2. Dread

If the wood has already turned a bit gray, a so-called gray remover can help. With some products, this effect is already included in the wood cleaner. However, applying a general gray remover does not make sense, as this can dry out the wood.

3. Rinse off

After cleaning or the duration of the graying agent, the wood must still be rinsed with clear water. If the residues of the cleaning agent were to remain on the wood, it would also dry out. In addition, the wood would not take up the subsequent care.

4th. Care for

With wooden tiles, caring for them means always oiling them. If the tiles are in the blazing sun, you may even have to re-oil several times in a year. After cleaning, however, a wood oil should always be applied. To do this, first let the wooden tiles dry and then apply wood oil sparingly with a soft brush. Excess oil is sucked up and wiped off with an old cotton rag. Old towels are ideal for this as they absorb the oil well.

Tips & Tricks Since the wooden tiles have a very high price per square meter compared to complete decking, they are more suitable for the balcony. The advantages can also be fully exploited here, as the tiles can be lifted in winter and, on many balconies, are also partially protected from the weather by a roof.