Concrete in wooden posts - in only 3 steps

Concreting wooden posts directly in concrete may not be the most elegant solution, but it is very simple and durable. If the wooden post is perhaps still covered anyway and thus also protected from the weather, it is definitely recommended to simply set the wooden post in concrete in three steps. You can see how it is done here.

Concrete in wooden posts step by step

  • cement
  • sand
  • or ready-mixed
  • Wooden posts
  • spade
  • shovel
  • Cement mixer
  • Mason Bucket
  • Spirit level
  • Lot
  • Battens / supports
  • hammer
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1. Dig a hole

If the wooden beam is required for a larger structure, such as a carport or a garden shed, the hole should be about 80 centimeters deep. If only a fence post or the support for a rose arch is concreted in directly, a depth of 60 centimeters is usually sufficient. However, you should never dig the hole any less deep.

The hole doesn't have to be excessively wide. It is sufficient if you excavate the concrete hole about 20 by 20 centimeters wide. If the soil is firm enough, you don't need to add any formwork. However, if you want to set a post in concrete in loose ground, you should secure the sides with wooden panels and hammer pegs on the outside.

2. Concrete

Mix the cement and sand in a mixer or, for a smaller amount, in a masonry bucket and gradually add water until the cement has a mushy consistency. About two thirds of the finished concrete is then poured into the hole.

3. Align the post

When the cement is two thirds in the hole, the wooden beam is inserted and aligned. When you have checked that the post is straight with a spirit level and plumb bob, secure it with at least two battens. Then fill the hole with the rest of the concrete. Then readjust the post again.

Tips & Tricks It is always better to anchor a joist hanger or an H-beam in the concrete. This way the wood has more distance to the damp ground. The post base allows the lower end of the wooden beam to dry off better and lasts much longer. In addition, the post can be straightened more easily if only a carrier has to be inserted into the wet concrete.