Cleaning the wooden cabinet - looking after solid wood

Wooden cabinets offer a very special charm, especially when they are solid and the wood is untreated. But the surface also quickly gets stains and the dust is practically attracted to the untreated wood. First and foremost, a wooden cabinet needs to be cleaned gently. We will show you here which method is available for this.

Use and cleaning

Depending on what you keep in the cabinet, some methods are made in cleaning. The cabinet of the storage of laundry, bed linen or clothing must not be used heavily smelling detergents. Also particularly oily cleaners are not so well suited in this case.

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The situation is similar if you want to store food in the cabinet. Some foods take odors very well and taste later disgusting and artificial.

Methods of cleaning

Especially on the doors perpendy over time many traces of the hands. The closet will then be a bit gray and unsightly at this point. Since these spots naturally also contain our skin oil, nothing can be done with a damp cloth alone. Glass cleaner is well suited for these cases. However, you should then immediately rework the affected area with a baby oil cloth. The wood dries out a bit with the glass cleaner and the baby oil wipes remove the last remaining dirt from the wood and at the same time take care of it again.

  • Baby oil wipes
  • Sparkling water
  • vinegar and oil
  • Glass cleaner
  • Baby powder

Other dark spots and squeaky drawers work well with baby powder. A soft microfiber cloth works the powder into the wood structure. At the same time, it picks up some of the dirt and brightens the affected area again.


Carbonated mineral water has a cleaning effect on natural wood. To do this, either put strongly carbonated rare on the wood or dab the water on the stain with a soft cotton cloth. Since the water dries off without leaving any residue, hardly any after-effects are visible.

Tips & Tricks You can gently clean lacquered wooden cabinets with furniture polish. However, you must not use a polish that is based on mineral oil. This attacks the paintwork and can leave an unattractive, matt smear layer. It is even easier to clean painted surfaces with a soft, damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid.