Build wooden toys yourself - gifts for every occasion

Toys don't always have to become worthless disposable goods. Even today there are still high quality toys. This is especially true for self-made toys made of wood. This often lasts for several generations of children and adults. Above all, homemade wooden toys will strengthen the bond between children and parents on a daily basis.

Railroad and farm

A railway or a wooden farm does not require great skill for the hobbyist. In addition, they offer the option of delivering additional parts. In the course of time, a large rail construction from the first set of the wooden train or a real estate with many wooden animals from the first small farm. Even additional barns and landscapes can be built from wood to match the farm.

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Zoo landscape

Similar to the farm, a zoo with lots of animals is a real asset to every child's room. You make the animals with a fretsaw and a little paint. The templates for the individual animals are all over the Internet. If you prefer to do without color, that doesn't matter, because the shapes are meaningful enough in many cases.

Doll's cradle

The most important tool for many wooden toys is the foliage saw. It allows the fine precise cuts required for tender toys. A simple doll cradle can thus be built in very short time. The simplest version consists of only four parts that are connected to recessed screws.

Board games

The traditional board games like lady, mill or chess can be easily made of wooden. For the chess pieces you do not even have to make a carving course, but you can cut out the figures with a foliage saw and make with a small round foot steadfast.


Because of the inlays, a backgammon game is already a bit more difficult to produce. But you can cheat something if you use very bright maple. The dark fields are then simply produced with dark glaze. Although you have to work properly with the tape, the result will be very convincing.


For the garden you can also build great wooden toys. A bowling alley, for example, is in the right size not only for the children a pleasure. Somewhat elaborately the cone balls made of wood, but the work is worthwhile. All wooden toys, which are used outdoors, should be embedded with good weather protection.

Tips & Tricks For the very little children you can prove your skills to building blocks. The production is very simple, but basically this is the perfect exercise work for you as budding toy producers. Do not make the blocks too small so that the children can not swallow them, and pay attention to the paint, because they could be banned by the children. So mostly only food coloring is suitable for the wooden blocks.