Wooden waves on the floor: buy herringbone parquet

The strip parquet in the herringbone pattern is composed of individual wooden rods and can develop very different looks due to the laying angle to each other, the size of the individual rods and the type of wood selected. Herringbone parquet is mainly chosen for large rooms.

Pattern and laying pattern

The herringbone parquet consists of parquet strips that are laid together at the head ends at a thirty, 45 or ninety degree angle. The appearance can be decisively influenced by the number of bars between one and three elements arranged in parallel next to each other. When it comes to herringbone, providers speak of single, double or triple French herringbone.

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Herringbone pattern belongs to the group of strip parquet as well as to mosaic parquet. Each manufacturer sorts its product groups individually and the buyer has to look for the corresponding product name. The sizes of the individual wooden rods start with the dimensions twenty by 150 millimeters and the largest herringbone individual panels can reach up to two hundred by five hundred millimeters.

In addition to simple rectangular wooden sticks that are glued next to each other, there is the tongue and groove technique, in which the individual "herringbones" are connected to one another by being pushed into the groove. This herringbone is also suitable for floating installation.

Solid or two-layer with different rod sizes

The wooden sticks for herringbone are either made of solid wood or have a multi-layer structure. Two-layer products in which the useful wood layer is applied to a carrier plate are common.

As a rule of thumb for the visually harmonious room effect, the larger the room, the wider and longer the individual wooden strips of the herringbone parquet should be.

Check sorting for overall picture

With monochrome wooden surfaces, the wavy shape of the herringbone first catches the eye and then, depending on the size of the individual elements, the texture. In the case of very pronounced grains and drawings of the wood, the herringbone can appear very dominant and if there are different colors in the herringbone, optical unrest can even arise.

Tips & Tricks The larger the individual wooden bars of the herringbone parquet you buy, the calmer the wave shape and the more expressive the texture can be.