Ideas for designing the bathroom ceiling

Anyone who sees their bathroom not only as a necessary place for washing, but as a wellness oasis, knows about the importance of room design. The ceiling can greatly influence the character of the bathroom. Here are a few ideas on how you can influence a pleasant room atmosphere here.

The effect of the ceiling in the bathroom

The ceiling can do a lot in the bathroom. And that doesn't only pay off when you occasionally go horizontally with a view up there, for example for a relaxing bath. The following in particular can be influenced by different designs:

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  • brightness
  • Perceived proportions of space
  • Homeliness


If you place a lot of value on being flooded with light in the bathroom, you can help design the ceiling. On the one hand, the color of the ceiling is an influencing factor. It is well known that light colors capture more brightness than dark ones.

Then the ceiling can of course be used to let real light into the room. On the one hand, this can happen through a lighting installation. Broadly scattered light from above ensures the basic brightness, even if light sources are set up in many other places in the mirror area and for the cozy atmosphere. If you do not have a top light in the bathroom yet, you can use e.g.B. Thanks to a ceiling suspension, it is quite uncomplicated to integrate chic, flush LED lighting at a later date.

Daylight through the opening of a ceiling window is very effective, but only possible in individual cases for bathrooms under the roof.

Perceived proportions of space

If, as in many cases, your bathroom is rather small and has a low ceiling height, you can also bring out more subjective well-being through the ceiling design. To put the overwhelming feeling of the low room height into perspective, make the ceiling as light as possible.

To open the room upwards, decorative panels or photo wallpapers with sky motifs can also be an option.


If you want to turn your bathroom into more than just a sober wash basin, you can use elements that create cosiness and / or stylish flair when designing the ceiling. A ceiling cladding with wooden panels, for example, creates a rustic, warm atmosphere. You can create a small palace and a royal feeling by hanging a splendid chandelier as ceiling lighting.