Your baby suddenly refuses to breastfeed - and thus saves her life

This story is once again proof that the relationship between mother and child is a very special one.

For new mothers, it is a total stressful situation when something suddenly goes wrong with breastfeeding. For Sarah Boyle from England, however, it was the best that could have happened to her. Because only because her 5-month-old son rejected her right breast out of nowhere, doctors were able to diagnose her with a particularly rare form of breast cancer.

For Sarah Boyle, the birth of her son Teddy was a double stroke of luck. Not only did he add to her small family, the little man probably also saved the 26-year-old's life. Teddy was a real sunshine. It was a great relief for Sarah that the two of them never had any problems with breastfeeding.

Until Teddy was about 5 months old and suddenly started screaming wildly when Sarah wanted to breastfeed him. She immediately noticed that the little one only raved when she tried to give him his right breast.

In the beginning, Sarah dismissed this behavior as just a phase. Didn't think much of it. But when the screaming continued, she went to see her gynecologist. Sarah discovered a cyst in her breast even before she was pregnant. An investigation at the time showed that there was no danger from this. When Sarah told her doctor about her son's screaming attacks while breastfeeding, he reassured her and sent her home.

But the breastfeeding problem persisted. "I had absolutely no problems with my left breast," said Sarah. "But every time I tried the right thing, he would scream and get very angry. He didn't even want to go anywhere."

The young mother doesn't give up

Sarah could not find peace and went back to see her doctor about a month later. This time she asked for a closer examination."I had the feeling that Teddy wanted to tell me something. It was, if you will, a maternal instinct, "says the 26-year-old.

In fact, two weeks after her biopsy, the young mother received news that she had cancer. Sarah suffered from triple negative breast cancer, a form of cancer that is relatively rare for women her age.

Teddy saved her life

"I was devastated, but also so proud of Teddy," said the mother. "The cancer inside the cyst had been growing for three months - pretty much when Teddy stopped drinking from my right breast."

With the cancer diagnosis, Sarah had to stop breastfeeding completely in order to undergo chemotherapy. Sarah is currently through half of her chemotherapy. "It was very sad to lose my hair," said Sarah. "But since then I've tried a lot of wigs and at home I'm also bald ".

Sarah wants as many women as possible to hear about her story. "I never thought that I could get cancer so young," she says. "I want other women to pay attention and have lumps in their breasts checked regularly."