Information and prices for 2-layer parquet

While the panels for 3-strip parquet usually consist of three layers, the 2-layer parquet has become established for strip parquet. The top layer made from the plywood is applied to a layer of plywood. The resulting lower installation height is particularly suitable for underfloor heating and often saves you from shortening doors.

Solid wood look and bandages

With 2-layer parquet, in most cases also available as prefabricated parquet, a distinctive solid wood look is created, as is the case with vertical lamellar parquet, for example. Depending on the proportion of wear layer to carrier layer, 2-layer parquets can be sanded two to six times.

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With the 2-layer wooden sticks, all laying associations that are made up of sticks are possible. Strip and mosaic parquets in parallel connections can be laid in the same way as herringbone patterns or ship floors made of glued strip panels.

Young product with different carrier material

The industrial production of 2-layer parquet only began in the 1980s, after a company from Switzerland developed it for series production in 1975. Each rod consists of a carrier and wear layer.

Plywood is usually used as the carrier material for 2-layer parquet. It has the best rigidity and mainly the wood of the birch is used. As an alternative carrier, slats made of deciduous or coniferous trees are used. The susceptibility of the slats to even the smallest amounts of moisture can lead to the visual "corrugated iron effect" on the wear layer.

Current offers

2-layer parquet
Oak striped wear layer 9-10 mm finished 19.89 EUR / sqm
Oak Terra wear layer 3.5 mm 44.90 EUR / sqm
Oak lacquered wear layer 5 mm EUR 26.95 / sqm
Bamboo strip parquet wear layer 4 mm from 41.80 EUR / sqm

Ideal for underfloor heating

Compared to parquet with three layers, the 2-layer parquet has a significantly better heat permeability and thus energy values. If underfloor heating is to be covered by multi-layer parquet, 2-layer parquet is the best choice.

Tips & Tricks When buying a 2-layer parquet, pay attention to the thickness of the wear layer and the material. Some wooden sticks are made in a fifty to fifty ratio, so that the wear layer makes up half the total thickness of the 2-layer parquet. With the usual thicknesses of ten to twelve millimeters, five to six millimeters can be sanded at least four times.