Ionized water

While some swear by drinking osmosis water, which is chemically similar to an acid, another community swears by ionized or "alkaline" water as a health product. Which diseases ionized water is supposed to cure, which experiences and studies are actually available, and which water is possibly the healthiest, are therefore examined here.

Water and pH

The pH value is a chemically exact, reliable measure of the acid properties of liquids. A pH value of 7.0 is considered neutral, everything below is an acid, everything above is an alkali.

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Alkalis and acids can be strongly or weakly buffered. Heavily buffered means that they can easily withstand changes in pH in their environment, and have difficulty changing their own pH.

Weakly buffered means that if there is a change in the pH value in the environment, the respective acid or alkali also adjusts its pH value accordingly quickly. For example, caustic soda is considered a strongly buffered alkali, while water is usually weakly buffered.

Healing promise of ionized water

Ionized or "basic" water is said to cure or significantly improve the following diseases:

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • Constipation
  • Muscle pain and general chronic fatigue
  • gout
  • arthrosis
  • morning sickness
  • Body odor
  • obesity
  • Water retention in the body
  • Hyperactivity
  • osteoporosis
  • frequent diarrhea

The explanation for this is that ionized water has an alkaline effect and therefore restores the acid-base balance in the body. The above-mentioned disorders are all due to an "overacidification" of the body. Such acidification comes from the consumption of acidic foods, stress and environmental toxins.


A general "acidification" of the body in the form that many alternative practitioners determine is not very plausible from a medical point of view. The body has sufficient ability to maintain and buffer its acid-base balance itself.

A sensible diet with a sufficient proportion of raw fruits and vegetables and sufficient drinking of natural, unchanged water as well as sufficient sleep are completely sufficient to fully maintain these buffering capacities of the body.

A "deacidification" of the entire body by taking certain substances is medically not very understandable.

Production of basic water

Basic water is produced using so-called water ionizers. Many manufacturers do not disclose the manufacturing principle of their water and how the devices work.

In general, however, the "acid content " should be removed from the water by electrical means, which then makes it basic.

More or less minerals?

In the case of osmosis water, as with distilled water, it has been shown that water that has been freed from minerals can have negative effects.

Deionized water escapes the body on long-term electrolytes and salts, especially sodium. A study of WHO a few years ago, this has again confirmed in many points. Even an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2 is detected.

Water without minerals is acidic purity water has a pH of about 5. Even rainwater is acidic (pH 5.5 to 6) because it withdraws the air CO2.

Water with an excess of minerals - especially at certain minerals - works slightly basic. Whether this effect results in an acid buffering acting on the whole body may be doubted. Especially due to the fact that water - no matter which pH value - always has a weak buffering.

Experience also shows that drinking alkaline water buffers gastric acid and, in response, the body produces more gastric acid. This, in turn, can be viewed as harmful because the acid-base balance of the body can also be so clearly disturbed.

Minerals act as natural acid buffers in the body, but even alkaline water has only a small amount of these minerals, compared to raw fruit or vegetables, for example. If enough of these minerals get into the body through diet, the acid-base balance will work on its own.

Super-ionized water

There is also an increase in ionized water: namely water that is "super-ionized". This is supposed to be "structured" water, which, in contrast to "unstructured" water, is alive and not dead and ineffective.

Chemically, these terms are used incorrectly because the molecules in liquids are always in motion and completely unstructured. A crystalline structure of liquids is not physically possible at all.

Allegedly - according to some esoteric sources - superionized water (SIW, or Perfect Solution) has three additional electrons on the outer shell and has a positive and healing effect on everything it comes into contact with.

Of course, there is no scientific evidence for this, and "three additional electrons on the outer shell" are not even possible due to the simplest chemical principles.

At least because of these properties, this positive water does not seem to pose any health risks.

Tips & Tricks Our body consists of 70 percent water - natural, unchanged water. All life on this planet is based on naturally occurring, well-balanced mineralized water. And after all, it has been working for millions of years. But nobody earns anything from disgusting water.