Make ionized water yourself - it works?

Water ionizers are often sold very expensively. However, the operating principle is usually very simple with many devices and can also be implemented yourself with little effort and materials from the household. If you really want to use alkaline or acidic water, you will find appropriate instructions here.

Separation into anolyte and catholyte

To produce acidic water (anolyte) and basic active water (catholyt), the ions dissolved in the water must only be separated from each other.

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The added tap water is thus split into the positive and negative proportions. For this is a two-chamber principle necessary. With the use according to charged electrodes you can easily separate the shares.

Necessary material

  • Plastic cans with locking cap, which closes as tight as possible
  • Crocodile clamps
  • Stainless steel electrodes or titanium electrode and stainless steel cathode; As stainless steel electrode are also pastry outfit, which are easy to eliminate.
  • Replacement for a membrane (water-impermeable) - that can be baking paper, parchment paper or butter breast paper
  • DC generator for 12 or 24 volts with an output of at least 800 mA


A larger hole is cut in the side of the plastic can through which the electrode fits. The lid is provided with several holes and the sandwich paper is attached below the lid. It should be overlooked around 1 cm.

The plastic can is placed in a bucket so that the opening for the electrode is on top. Then the bucket and can are filled with water so that the water level is the same in both. If one electrode is now hung in the bucket and the other in the can, the ion separation begins when the current flows.

After about 20-30 minutes, the pH values have already changed significantly. This can be made clearly visible with test strips. The longer the process runs, the more acidic or basic the water in the containers becomes.

The health effects of alkaline water, however, are highly controversial and should not be used for drinking over the long term.

Tips & Tricks With more powerful power generators, the process can be accelerated and more water can be produced. To be on the safe side, the bucket should be covered or closed as far as possible during the procedure.