Insulation helps with soundproofing and protects against condensation

The quality of living depends not least on insulated sewer pipes. There are two reasons why you should insulate sewer pipes in the building, the occurrence of condensation water, for example on rainwater pipes, and the improvement of sound insulation.

Why insulate a sewer pipe against condensation?

Drainage pipes that run inside a building and carry cold water, such as rainwater pipes, should always be insulated against condensation. This condensation water leads to an increase in the air humidity and can thus contribute to the formation of mold or damage the building fabric.

  • Regulated in DIN 12056

Why insulate a sewer pipe against sound?

Impact or flow noises are often causes of noise complaints. Wastewater noises are caused by turbulence in the draining water and by branches or bends. The minimum acoustic requirements for living spaces may have a sound level of

  • Regulated in DIN 4109
  • Tips & Tricks If a sewage system is newly installed, it is advisable to use soundproofed and insulated sewage pipes and pipe clamps for which there is an acoustic test certificate.