Does a bread maker make sense at all??

In any case, in many kitchens there is hardly any space left for new electrical appliances. In our article, we examined in detail whether purchasing a bread maker actually makes sense and is worthwhile, and whether it actually brings advantages.

Bread as a staple food

Bread is one of our staple foods and is eaten almost all the time. We rely on the supermarket or the bakery to make purchases - but the trend is increasingly towards home baking.

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The quality of bread plays an important role for many: It should be as fresh as possible, free from additives and it should taste good.

Advantages of the bread maker

Using a bread maker has a number of advantages over bread that is bought or baked in the oven:

  • the bread is always fresh
  • The bread only contains the ingredients that you put in yourself
  • there are no additives or baking additives
  • the bread can be made according to individual taste

In contrast to baking in the oven, there are other advantages:

  • the effort is much less - the machine does all the work itself
  • the energy consumption is lower
  • the bread dries out less during baking
  • the baking process does not need to be supervised
  • the energy costs for baking are significantly lower

The most important advantage for many, however, is that you can freely determine the composition of the bread yourself, and that you only have the ingredients in your bread that you put in yourself. The question "Bread maker yes or no? ”Actually hardly arises. Anyone who eats a lot of bread will always benefit from it in terms of fish, taste and ingredients.

Baking costs with the bread maker

In the case of a bread maker, the initial purchase cost is a factor, but after that the operating costs are low.

You have the choice of either using ready-made bread mixes or mixing the ingredients yourself. The costs are then around 0.60 - 1.00 EUR for one bread, depending on how big the bread should be and whether you use ready-made mixes or your own ingredients.

The electricity consumption is extremely low, in most cases the cost of the electricity required will be around 7-10 cents for the entire baking process.

The purchase of the bread maker is also financially worthwhile, and it will pay for itself after a short time - depending on the price of the bread maker.

Tips & Tricks Anyone who buys bread regularly and would like to bake high-quality bread themselves cannot avoid a bread maker. Even financially, home-baked bread is then significantly more cost-effective, with very little effort. In addition, many machines can also be used to prepare sponge cakes and sweet breads.