Is an electric grill allowed on the balcony?

The question arises again and again whether you can operate an electric grill on the balcony. You can read in our article which answers are provided by tenancy law, which restrictions may apply and what must be observed.

Tenancy law requirements

In principle, tenancy law does not generally provide for a ban on barbecuing on the balcony or terrace. As long as the rental agreement does not provide for an explicit prohibition on this point (of course you have to adhere to this as a tenant) there are no restrictions on rental law. In principle, neighbors also have to tolerate barbecuing.

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Restrictions in the rental agreement

Restrictions in the rental agreement can also be limited to barbecuing with charcoal, as this can cause unreasonable burdens for the neighbors due to the smoke and smoke. This is not the case with an electric grill (and also a gas grill).

However, if there is a restriction and you violate it, this can lead to a warning from the landlord and even to the termination of the rental agreement. This has already been confirmed in a number of judgments.

Nuisance from the smoke

If heavy smoke or smoke moves into a neighboring apartment, or if there is a strong odor nuisance for the neighbors, this can be a reason in North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg for the neighbors to refuse to do so, citing the State Immission Control Act applicable there. However, this is only possible in these two federal states.

As far as you can avoid that, you should anyway. Exposing neighbors to unreasonable harassment is never a good idea and often destroys neighborly relationships very quickly and very permanently.

How often is barbecuing on the balcony allowed??

The judicial rulings on this point differ considerably, so in most cases you will have to consult with your neighbors on a case-by-case basis and make agreements.

The AG Bonn, for example, saw only once a month as acceptable, according to this judgment, the neighbors should be informed at least 48 hours in advance. Twice a month, the LG saw Aachen as permissible, but in a ruling by the LG Stuttgart, the judges expressed that they consider three barbecues or six hours per year to be appropriate.

Tips & Tricks Of course, you should also be careful when you are grilling: from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. you shouldn't disturb neighbors excessively with noise. This can lead to a warning from the police and a fine if you continue. However, there are some concerns about indoor use if it should be later.