Jake Gyllenhaal in love with Ruth Wilson

The 'Nightcrawler ' star was also very familiar with the actress at the Golden Globes. It seems like their relationship is now finally public.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson were at the Golden Globes (11. January) totally fond of each other. As an insider now reported, the 'Nightcrawler' star seemed to confirm his relationship with the 33-year-old actress at the awards ceremony.

In the backstage area, the two were seen kissing and holding hands. In an interview with the British newspaper 'The Sun ' the eyewitness revealed: '' Ruth and Jake were totally in love with each other and they didn't seem to care who was watching them. They held hands and didn't give each other a little kiss, it was very cute.''

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It has been rumored for a while that the two stars could be a couple because they have been seen together many times. Wilson, who was awarded a Golden Globe for her television series 'The Affair ', was spotted with the 34-year-old in a restaurant in New York in December. Even then, eyewitnesses claimed that they kissed a few times.

Gyllenhaal has been officially single since December 2013 after breaking up with Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller. He was in the meantime associated with Girls Club star Rachel McAdams before his romance with Wilson came to light.