Jennifer Aniston desperate: she breaks because of her desire to have a baby?

Even if she doesn't admit it in public - Jennifer Aniston wants nothing more than a child with her fiancé Justin Theroux. But friends now even doubt that she and Justin will actually get married.

Jennifer Aniston desperately wants a baby. The 'We Are the Millers' actress has reportedly been trying to get pregnant since her engagement to Justin Theroux in August 2012 and is disappointed that it hasn't worked out so far. A friend told the UK Daily Mail online: "This is a really serious subject for Jennifer. She would really like to work less in the next few months to prepare for her role as a mother. She always laughs at all the rumors, but the truth is that she really wants to be a mother."
He went on to say that the planned wedding is likely to be delayed further because both of them have too many professional commitments to concentrate on the wedding. The 44-year-old would be "understanding ", even if she was asked more and more often by her friends about a final date: "Jennifer completely understands that Justin has to use the career opportunities that are opening up for him. She waits and shows herself patiently, although many of her friends already doubt that they will ever make it to the altar."
The former 'Friends ' actress recently confirmed in an interview that there is still no fixed date for a wedding because she and her fiancé want to wait for the right moment: "We will only get married when we feel that the perfect moment has come. When we're not stressed out like we are now when each of us rushes from one job to the next. To be honest, we already feel like a married couple. We have neither canceled nor postponed the wedding. We also had no argument about where to get married. Just to make that clear."

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