Now it's official: Left-handers are smarter, more creative and more successful!

But there is still hope for right-handed people!

Marilyn Monroe was one, as was Lady Gaga and Leonardo da Vinci, David Bowie, Marie Curie, Kurt Cobain, Eminem, Bill Gates, Barack Obama the list is forever. What could connect these gentlemen with each other?? Not much at first glance, but all of them are (or have been) extremely talented and successful in their fields. Plus, they're all left-handed, at least that's what they say.

All just coincidence? Science once again confirms what has been suspected many times in the past: there is actually a connection between genius and left-handedness. At least one study by IFL Science on 2.300 pupils and students devoted. Among other things, it examined left-handedness in relation to mathematical skills.

In fact, the study found that left-handers are on average better when it comes to solving complex mathematical problems. But that doesn't mean that all left-handers are geniuses.

How does the preference for a particular hand come about??

The preferred use of the left or right hand indicates that the opposite hemisphere is dominant. So for left-handers this is the right hemisphere. This means that you can work with the dominant hand, in this case the left hand, more precisely, faster and, if necessary, stronger, for example when writing or throwing. The other hand is not useless, on the contrary, after all, each has specific tasks to perform and the hands complement each other. That was already known before the current study.

Left-handed people can process data better

But that's not all. The new study also confirms that, on average, the right hemisphere has developed further in left-handers. This is generally regarded as the center for analytical, structured or. mathematical thinking. The study also showed that the so-called bar (lat. Corpus callosum), which connects the two halves of the brain, is more pronounced than in right-handed people. It is closed that some left-handers have an advantage in recording and processing information.

As this benefit comes about, the scientists could not clarify so far. There is the theory that left-handed people in our society, which is designed primarily on right-handers, are more frequently forced to use both hands. This then increases the nerve strand to crosslinking the two brain halves. But this theory would be true, that would mean that we could now train everyone on both semi-conditions and thus could increase our brain performance. That was not yet confirmed. An attempt is always worth!