Designing the kitchen with little money: The best ideas

You want to redesign your kitchen but don't want to spend a lot? Then watch out: We'll tell you how you can give your kitchen a cool look with little money.

A kitchen is an investment that usually lasts for many years. Often there is even a kitchen when we move into a new apartment - unfortunately it is not always to our taste. You are unhappy with your kitchen? Don't worry, with a few simple tricks you can really pimp any kitchen.
We'll tell you the most brilliant ideas with which you can design your kitchen. After that, it is guaranteed to look like new!

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1. Idea: redesign kitchen fronts

Your kitchen is an ugly color, your dishwasher is scratched and the handles on your drawers have seen better days? Then it is not time for a new kitchen, but for a redesign of your kitchen fronts. Because you can design your kitchen individually without having to replace the entire kitchenette.
The keyword is: adhesive film! For example, if you have ugly brown kitchen fronts, you can cover them with foil - just like your dishwasher. You just have to cut the special foil to the right size and then carefully stick it on so that no bubbles form underneath.
Also great and really trendy: adhesive film in marble look (available here on Amazon). If you have taken over the kitchen from your previous tenant and are allowed to change the furniture, you can also paint the kitchen fronts directly.
The handles of drawers and cupboards can also be exchanged very easily. Unscrew the old ones, attach the new ones, done! At Amazon, for example, there is a large selection of kitchen handles. So you can redesign your kitchen with little money.

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2. Idea: design the back wall of the kitchen

Another well-known problem: ugly tiles on the kitchen back wall. But you don't have to despair of that either, because just like your kitchen fronts, the tiles can either be painted or covered with foil. Painting the tiles is only advisable if the kitchen is yours, otherwise you need the landlord's permission. We'll tell you how to paint tiles here: Painting and redesigning tiles: You have to know these tricks.
To design the kitchen back wall, there are also extra tiles to stick on. It's quick and easy and you can redesign your kitchen with little money. You can get self-adhesive tiles in the stylish "Metro Tiles " look here at Amazon, for example.

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3. Design an idea for the kitchen: pimp the wall

You want to design the wall in your kitchen? With the right decoration, you can add charm to the kitchen. Especially trendy on Instagram for interior accounts: open shelving systems. Simply put two or three shelves on top of each other on the wall and use them to store porcelain, spices or food.
But be careful: if you decide on an open shelf, you should ensure order there. See this type of wall design as a decoration and not as a pure storage option. For example, unusual dishes or storage glasses look particularly beautiful on the shelf. Here you will find a selection of beautiful glasses for storage on Amazon.
As practical as it is beautiful: a letterboard (available here on Amazon). So you don't have to commit yourself to one picture, but can adapt the saying as often as you want.

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Tip: set up a small kitchen

Almost all of us dream of a large, cozy eat-in kitchen that also has space for a dining table. Unfortunately, many kitchens are rather small or narrow and it is not that easy to set up. But even a small kitchen can be set up nicely if you follow a few rules. Most importantly: choose light and calm colors for your kitchen. That makes the room look bigger.
Also, avoid hanging too many pictures on the walls, because that too quickly makes the room look compact. You need more storage space? Open shelves, as described above, are perfect for creating storage space because they are less massive than normal kitchen wall units.

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Tips for designing the kitchen: Scandinavian, Mediterranean, shabby chic or country house

Regardless of whether Scandinavian, Mediterranean or shabby chic country house style: When setting up your kitchen, you should opt for a consistent style so that the room does not appear too restless. If you decide on a Scandinavian kitchen, you should keep the room simple and minimalist, furniture made of light wood and in white is best.
It can look just as beautiful if you design your kitchen in a Mediterranean style. Wooden furniture, tiles with a mosaic or stone look and, above all, fresh herbs such as rosemary and basil are not missing.
Just as popular: the shabby chic or country style. White and pastel colors predominate here. Playful and ornate accessories that already show signs of use are ideal. Also nice: paint old wine boxes white on the outside and hang them on the wall as shelves.

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