Kitchen back wall instead of tiles

The tiled area between the kitchen worktop and wall units is no longer up-to-date. The kitchen splashback is a real alternative to this. Below you will learn why the installation of a kitchen rear wall instead of tiles is also preferable.

The kitchen - the new center of food

The fitted kitchen is long standard. But just the kitchen has changed significantly over the last decades. The kitchen is matured from the pure function room to the central "meeting place " in apartment or house. Thus, the design claims have increased significantly. Quickly ask questions such as cooking island yes or no.

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Kitchen Island to Kitchen Back - The kitchen is changing

But not only components like the kitchen island are important. The tile mirror, over many decades a matter of course and symbol for a modern kitchen, is long ago out of fashion. This trend can also be seen in the tiles themselves. Tiles in average sizes are no longer in demand. Rather, the tiles are getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes so large that it is a question of laying only one slab if possible.

Materials for a kitchen splashback

This can also be seen on the kitchen wall between the worktop and wall units. It must be as uniform as possible from a single source. Various materials are available for this:

  • Acrylic glass (plexiglass)
  • Glass (ESG, toughened safety glass)
  • Composite panels such as HPL or MDF
  • Wood
  • Foils
  • Metal plates or. Sheets

The material that the kitchen rear wall should be made of also depends on the individual circumstances on site.

Kitchen back wall instead of tiles, possibly because of the assembly

Another aspect is attaching a kitchen splashback. Various techniques can be used for this. Some materials can be screwed in this way. Here it may be decisive whether you can also screw on the worktop and the underside of the wall cupboards.

Or whether it is imperative to screw on the kitchen wall. This is an important question, especially if you have a kitchen mirror in a rented apartment. After all, removing a kitchen splashback is not always easy.

Kitchen back wall instead of tiles for changing designs

Depending on the material used, a kitchen rear wall instead of tiles offers a clear advantage. For example, if you use plates as a base plate, you can stick a printing film on them. You can stick another film on this film at any time if the design no longer appeals to you. So your kitchen can literally get a change of scenery more often - and for a really small price.

Tips & Tricks Tiles cannot be exchanged for so little money. And yet the new tiles will no longer be trendy after a few years. In addition, there are many more ways to refine a kitchen splashback. Here you can find out, for example, how you can build a kitchen splashback with LED lighting yourself.