Put the refrigerator on the washing machine - that works?

Very small apartments often require the most impossible solutions in order to accommodate all large appliances to some extent. Read here whether you can place a refrigerator on top of the washing machine in an emergency and what problems you should be aware of when doing so.

Fundamental problems

With such a combination one has to start from some fundamental problems:

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  • Spin movements of the washing machine
  • Heat emission from the washing machine
  • Stable attachment
  • Washing machine imbalance

Spin movements of the washing machine

Modern washing machines run very quietly today and hardly vibrate when spinning if they are filled correctly and are not unbalanced. Nevertheless, vibrations occur again and again during the entire washing process, which in the long term can have a negative effect on the refrigerator.

Heat emission from the washing machine

The heat output of modern washing machines is very low, but may be enough to get the refrigerator to work continuously. Whenever there is a wash, the refrigerator runs at top performance. This can greatly increase power consumption overall.

Stable attachment

It is difficult to secure a refrigerator directly onto the washing machine. However, secure fastening is absolutely necessary in order to prevent the refrigerator from slipping or even falling down when the washing machine moves occasionally.

Washing machine imbalance

If the refrigerator is not positioned very precisely on the washing machine, or if it is too heavy, the washing machine may become unbalanced in the long term.

Tips & Tricks One possible solution would be a sufficiently stable superstructure over the washing machine on which the refrigerator is then placed. Then the washing machine is not stressed and the refrigerator is protected from vibrations. Because of the individual dimensions, you have to build such a superstructure yourself, there are ready-made kits only for dryers that are to be placed on top of the washing machine.