Change the refrigerator seal as the best protection against loss of cold

A seal only serves its purpose if it is perfectly intact. Dirty or even porous rubbers on the refrigerator cause heat to penetrate the device and the cold, which has been laboriously generated, is lost. The refrigerator must therefore invest more energy in order to maintain the internal temperature. In the worst case, condensation also forms - and the mold blooms. Fortunately, that can be prevented!

The refrigerator seal - indispensable!

The refrigerator seal is an indispensable element of the refrigerator, no matter how inconspicuous. It alone keeps the door area sealed when the door is locked. A porous seal can no longer do this and soiling prevents it from functioning.

We therefore advise you to clean the seals regularly and take good care of them. There is even the possibility to extend the shelf life of the rubber guiding by keeping them with glycerine or talcoman again and again. This treatment keeps the material pleasantly supple.

Switch the fridge seal: a guide

    New fridge seal
    Warm water and detergent
    Ethanol from the pharmacy
    Wooden scraper
    2 soft, lint-free rag
    Second glue with brush

1. Remove old fridge seal

In the first step, you must peel natural the old, porous fridge seal. Remnants can be edited with a soft wooden scraper and solve it from the surface.

2. Dissolve stubborn adhesive residues

Stubborn adhesive residues Loosen with ethanol. Use a rag and allow the alcohol to act well. Then wipe the dirt completely.

3. Clean the sealing area

Now clean the sealing area thoroughly: Use a new cloth that you dip in warm water mixed with washing-up liquid.

4th. Dry everything well

Now that everything is really clean, dry the seal area well. This is the only way to hold the new seal that you will apply in the next step.

5. Brush on superglue

Apply the superglue with the accompanying brush to a few centimeters of the sealing area. Place the seal in the adhesive and press it on firmly for a short time.

6th. Prepare step by step

Now apply the refrigerator seal step by step in the manner indicated. The glue just dries too quickly to put everything on at once.

7th. Close the refrigerator

After the worker is done, close the refrigerator for about a quarter of an hour. After that, the seal should really stick.

Tips & Tricks Before closing the refrigerator for the first time, you should remove any adhesive residue that may still be stuck to the surface.