How to move granite plates on split

Granite is a very popular natural stone and is often used as a topping outdoors. There are different types of laying granite plates, such as loose laying. This style is also one of the easiest.

The loose laying of granite plates without much effort

In order to lose granite plates loose on noble slot or gravel, it does not need great effort. It is one of the simplest types of laying, as there is no mortar (7.79 € at Amazon *) and the plates can be easily exchanged if necessary. It is also a very reasonably priced way to lay granite plates.

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The preparation of the route area and the laying of the granite plates in split

The work is carried out in several steps:

  • First, the desired terrace area or route area is deleted as precisely as possible.
  • Subsequently, the bottom is excavated about 30 to 40 inches deep to fill in the appropriate substructure.
  • Pay attention to a sufficient gradient of about two to three percent.
  • Now a position of gravel on the excavated surface must be distributed and compressed with a suitable device like a vibrating plate (best borrowed in specialist retailers).
  • Now follows the second layer consisting of split, which should have a strength of at least five centimeters. This ensures a good dissipation of the water. This layer must be deducted straight.
  • Now follow the granite plates, which are laid loose laid on the bed made of split. They are easily clipped.
  • Finally, the plates are equipped. This can happen in several ways, for example with joint mass (6,99 € at Amazon *) for natural stone, with matching natural stone silicone or simply with sand.

You will receive a high quality and relatively easy-care flooring

Granite plates and thus produced areas are considered relatively easy-care, hard and resistant, durable and frost-proof. The installation can be done with the help of granite plates as well as with tiles or squiders. However, at work, you should not be careful not to damage the valuable granite plates and to get a perfect work result. With some care, however, you will receive a high-quality garden path or a loadable and handsome surface that can be used versatile.