Paint the cable duct - good adhesion to plastic

A cable duct made of plastic often does not look particularly comfortable or decorative. The cable duct only seldom matches the furnishings. If your cable duct has become even more unattractive over the years, you can paint it. Here we show you how the paint really sticks to plastic.

Paint the cable duct step by step

  • paint
  • Primer (€ 19.50 at Amazon *)
  • Nitro thinner
  • Degreaser
  • Sandpaper
  • brush
  • Lacquer bowl
  • Cleaning cloths
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1. Select paint

Depending on the type of plastic, a different paint may be necessary. Try to find a test number or material information within the cable duct. You can also find this abbreviation on the corresponding paint can. An adhesive primer or primer is required for particularly smooth plastics. This should match both the paint and the plastic.

2. Preliminary work

First of all, the cable duct must be carefully cleaned. Either use a degreaser from the hardware store or you work with a high-quality degreaser from the kitchen.

You may also have to sand the plastic finely. You can do this with a delta sander or by hand. You only need to roughen the surface slightly so that the paint coatings adhere better.

3. Primer - Isolation Primer

Before applying the primer, you should wipe the surface of the cable duct again with a dry cloth. For some plastics, a rust protection primer has proven useful, as it is normally used outdoors for metal fences and the like. The primer must be applied over the entire surface.

4th. Dry seasons

Before you start painting, the primer must dry thoroughly. Since the plastic, in contrast to wood, is absolutely non-absorbent, the paint often has to dry for a long time. It shouldn't be too warm.

5. Painting the cable duct

Make sure the rooms are well ventilated. If you have the opportunity, it would be ideal to paint the cable duct outdoors. If possible, paint the entire strip in one go. If you settle with these paints several times and let the paint dry, you will always see that later. Do not paint too thickly, otherwise the paint will not dry out well. If necessary, you can apply varnish again after an extensive drying time.

Tips & Tricks Even if you think that the color and plastic of the cable duct go well together, you should carry out a small test. Either a place that may later be covered by furniture or the inside of the cable duct is suitable for this.