Clean coffee filter: That's how it works

In order to prevent ugly discoloration and taste changes, filter holder and reusable coffee filters must be cleaned. In the following, you will find out what you should do every day and how you can treat discoloration gently.

Clean the coffee filter holder

The coffee filter holder, like the jug, should at least be rinsed under clear water after each use. If dried coffee powder or coffee residue sticks to the holder, you can also put it in the dishwasher or clean it thoroughly with washing-up liquid and a brush or sponge. Do not clean the coffee filter holder with strongly acidic cleaning agents such as vinegar essence, which could attack the plastic.

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Reusable coffee filters

Almost every filter coffee machine now comes with a reusable coffee filter. However, many only use this in an emergency or in addition to the paper filter, as the holes are a bit coarser and the plastic mesh quickly discolors, which many coffee drinkers find unsightly. However, if you clean your coffee filter regularly, it will look like new longer and you can dispense with using paper filters.
Rinse your reusable coffee filter thoroughly immediately after each use and clean it once a week with Fit. It is best to wash it by hand and not in the dishwasher, as this cannot reach the corners and food scraps could get stuck in it.

Remove discoloration

You can combat discolouration on the reusable coffee filter or on the filter holder with baking soda or denture cleaner: Put enough warm water in a container in which your coffee filter fits completely. Mix a tablet dentor cleaner or a bag of baking powder. Then put the coffee filter or the filter holder in the solution and let it soak over several hours or overnight. Then wash it as usual.

Clean coffee filter made of porcelain

The good porcelain or. Ceramics in general is the resilience: You can scrub it with glass wool or edit with chemicals, the material does not damage any damage and no smell. Often the ceramic filters are even dishwasher suitable. In this case, you can simply add it to your dishwasher after use. Otherwise, you can also easily rinse it and clean it with some dishwash and a rag or sponge. Stubborn discoloration allows you to.B. remove with baking soda: Dissolve a packet of baking soda in a bowl of warm water, in which your filter fits completely. Insert the porcelain filter and let it work for several hours. Then wash it off as usual.

Tips & Tricks There are also higher quality reusable coffee filters that are equipped with a rustproof stainless steel net instead of the usual plastic net. It doesn't discolour, doesn't taste and you never have to think about filter bags again.