Fold the coffee filter correctly

You have to fold a coffee filter before you put it in the filter holder - everyone knows that, right?? But why do you do that? And is that really necessary? Find out here why the coffee filter is folded, how to fold it correctly and how you can use it in the event of a bad purchase.

Do you have to fold coffee filters?

Actually already. The folding ensures that the coffee filter fits perfectly into the filter holder. Before folding, the lower edge is too narrow and therefore the filter "wobbles " in the holder. In addition, the filter may protrude a little over the edge. You may still be able to brew delicious coffee even if you don't kink the coffee filter. Because if you add coffee powder and turn on the water, the weight will probably push the filter into its shape anyway. Nevertheless, there is still a residual risk that the filter will buckle and it will also be more difficult to fill if it is not firmly in place.

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How is the coffee filter bent??

The folding is very easy and takes less than thirty seconds: you simply fold over the lower and side edges and place the filter in the filter holder. Coffee connoisseurs also recommend wetting the coffee filter with warm water before using it in order to remove the taste of the paper. So you can hold your filter briefly under warm water after folding it. It nestles perfectly into the filter holder and the coffee powder is slightly moistened, which should also have a positive effect on the taste.

Make filters that are too large smaller

Have you ever sold out and accidentally bought coffee filters that were too large? It doesn't matter! You can still use them. Simply fold over the edges twice, i.e. the given edge once and then imagine a second edge of the same width and fold it both at the side and at the bottom. You may need to practice a few times to get the exact size, but this way you don't have to throw the bad buy away!

Tips & Tricks Large, round filter bags without edges, such as those produced for coffee machines with large volumes, must of course be folded.