Lime sandstone - insulation prevents heat loss

In terms of soundproofing, sand-lime brick is an ideal and very popular building material because the stone is also very cheap. Sand-lime brick also has the ability to store a lot of heat. Unfortunately, the heat can then escape on the outside of the sand-lime brick wall. That is why sufficient thermal insulation must be ensured during construction.

High heat storage capacity

At first glance it may seem illogical that the sand-lime brick has very poor thermal insulation, even though the brick can store a lot of heat. However, the sand-lime brick actually absorbs a lot of heat. However, this heat spreads throughout the masonry and can then escape on the outside.

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External insulation prevents heat loss

With the sand-lime brick, thermal insulation from the outside is ideal. This ensures good indoor air, as the stone can store the heat for longer. If the inside is insulated, the wall cannot absorb any heat and the positive properties of the sand-lime brick would be wasted.

Thermal insulation

A thermal composite system is recommended as thermal insulation for a single-shell sand-lime brick wall. First of all, insulation is applied and then mineral insulation boards or insulation boards that are plastered on.


In contrast to thermal insulation, the sand-lime brick automatically offers good sound insulation. The larger the bulk density class of the stone, the better the sound insulation. For a room in which sound insulation is important, such as a sample room, bulk density class 2.2 or higher should still be used.

Tips & Tricks In the case of a two-shell masonry made of sand-lime brick, the insulation layer may have been calculated too low according to today's standards. This is especially the case with buildings from the 1980s and before. Then an additional layer of insulation on the outside is recommended. Only if there is no other way, for example because the house was clinkered, should you insulate the interior.