Lime sandstone - many advantages - few disadvantages

Sometimes the advantages of sand-lime brick are also a disadvantage at the same time. Still, sand-lime brick is one of the most popular materials used in construction today. Even an inexperienced handyman can easily work with sand-lime brick. Here we show the advantages and disadvantages of the practical sand-lime brick.

Many advantages outweigh the advantages of sand-lime brick

The sand-lime brick is made from a mixture of sand, lime and water. It was patented in Germany as early as 1880. First, the stone is shaped in a stone press. The stone is then hardened under very high steam pressure at a temperature between 160 and 220 degrees. The stones can be used immediately after cooling. You don't have to take a long time to cure.

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Since no chemical additives are used in the manufacture of sand-lime bricks, the ecological balance of the brick is very positive.


  • good soundproofing
  • high pressure bearing capacity
  • Fire protection
  • high density
  • good heat absorption
  • good diffusibility
  • ecologically positive
  • many different formats


  • poor insulation properties
  • harder to cut than aerated concrete, for example

Further advantages of the sand-lime brick

There are factories all over Germany that produce sand-lime brick. The transport routes are very short, which also reduces the price of the stone. In addition, the sizes and formats of the stones are the same in all plants, which makes it possible to purchase stones from different plants.

Tips & Tricks It is certainly quite clear in the overview that the sand-lime brick is a really positive brick. Even if it is much more difficult to cut by a do-it-yourselfer than aerated concrete or aerated concrete, it can still be used without a protective layer of plaster, which is another great advantage. As a do-it-yourselfer, the sand-lime brick is always a good choice, as it is also cheap.