Cold foam mattress slatted frame distance

In principle, a cold foam mattress can be placed on any slatted frame. However, the correct distance between the slats must be maintained. Which distance is meaningful and whether it is advisable to buy a new slatted frame together with the mattress, find out here.

Cold foam versus spring mattress

A cold foam mattress can be placed on any slatted frame, including those that can be adjusted almost vertically. A spring mattress, on the other hand, must not be kinked and thus unsuitable for such highly adjustable slatted frames. However, in a spring mattress, a larger distance between the individual slats is not a problem; This does not adjust the cold foam mattress.

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The ideal distance from the slatted frame

If the distance between the slats is too large, the cold foam mattress pushes through and loses clamping force and life. Therefore, make sure that the distance between the individual slats Not more than 5cm is.

A new slatted frame for mattress buy

Of course, sellers like to make money and therefore often try to sell the buyer together with the mattress a slatted frame. But that is not necessary in most cases. A slatted frame holds much longer than a mattress and has to be less frequently replaced.

Adjust the slatted frame of the cold foam mattress

What can you do when your slatted frame has greater distances? No panic! You do not need a new slatted frame. Just buy a few slats and move the existing accordingly so that the desired distance is created. Remember to adjust your slatted frame correctly. How to proceed, can you read here.

Tips & Tricks If the slats have already lost some of their elasticity in the heavy parts of the body, simply replace them with slats from other, less stressed areas.